Monday, July 6, 2015

Fruit Diet to Lose Weight Plan; Slim Body in 14 Days

Fruit diet to lose weight has become a very interesting method that can be done by anyone who wants to have slimmer and healthier body. As we know, fruits contain so many components that are good for body. According to health experts, fruits can be used as substitution for meat. They also said that consuming fruits with certain pattern will help our body gets its ideal weight. The pattern is called as fruit diet. Unfortunately, some fruit diet programs are too hard to do because it makes body weak since lack of nutrients enter the body. When such effect happened, we will be unable to do all of the daily activities. One fruit diet type which has been successfully proven is the 14-day fruit diet, which is a weight loss program that includes consuming all the fruits that we want. The diet plan divides fruits into 4 categories to guide us on which fruits to eat during certain times of the day.

Fruit Diet to Lose Weight

Fruit Diet to Lose Weight; Choosing Fruits 

This fruit diet to lose weight plan divides fruit into 4 categories, which are:

Category 1: Sweet (pears, bananas, figs, dates and grapes)
Category 2: Semi-sweet and acidic ( all other fruits except melon)
Category 3: Melons
Category 4: Dinner Fruits (berries, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes)

Foods to Avoid

Do not mix fruits from the first three categories for lunch and breakfast because it may cause indigestion and gas. If we do not have the problem, mixing the fruits is something fine. For dinner, we have choose fruits only from category 4. Do not eat avocado during the day because it contains high level of fat. If we want to eat it, eat only on limited quantities at dinner.

As tempting as it maybe to consume just one cookie, refrain from consuming any starchy foods except during “free meal” on Saturday night. During the fruit diet to lose weight, we need to avoid sugars, salt, processed and refined foods, caffeine and other stimulants, chocolate, tea, grains and breads.

Fruit Diet to Lose Weight

The Guidelines of Fruit Diet to Lose Weight

In this fruit diet to lose weight plan we can only eat fresh fruits that have not been heated or cooked. It is better to choose organic fruits. During each meal, we need to eat as many fruits as we can to ensure we get plenty of calories. Start our day by eating a large portion of high-calorie fruits such as bananas, mangoes or grapes to keep our metabolism elevated for the entire day and keeping the energy levels steady. For breakfast and lunch, we also need to eat one large fruit meal. It is better to avoid fruit juices, except fresh grapefruit juice or squeezed orange because those types of juice are still containing the pulp. If we like, we may blend fruits in a blender to make all-fruit smoothie and if we want, we can add coconut water. Dates are the only dried fruit we can eat.

Guidelines for Dinnertime

For dinner, we can eat a large raw vegetable salad. We can accompany it with a protein food or protein drink. We can also mix category four fruits in it and eat as many as we can. We will need to eat the salad without any processed ingredients or dressings. If we want to make dressings, we can blend together avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, seeds and nuts. The salad can contain ¼ to ½ avocado or two to four raw nuts. To fulfill the need of DHA and EPA, we can eat fish capsules at dinner. Multivitamin capsules are also allowed at dinnertime. For the immune system, we can take 1.200 milligrams of L-Lysine and 1.000 milligrams of vitamin C with a full glass of water. When the fruit diet to lose weight program has run for a week, we can eat anything we want for one hour during the Saturday dinner.