Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How Can I Lose Weight Faster?

How can I lose weight faster? If that is what we asked, then one of the best answers would be exercise. As we know, exercise is a very important part of any weight loss programs. Unfortunately, today’s people are hard to spend some of their time to go to the gym. At the same time, obesity is a big thread for people like us. Commonly, we are difficult to get healthy meals and we do not have enough time to cook it at home either. For many people, the answer for such problem is buying fast foods or instant, packaged foods which have been added by so many sweeteners, flavors and even preservatives. Exercise is just one solution we can take for solving such problem besides changing our lifestyle and eating habit. We do not have to worry if we do not have much time for gym because we can exercise at home. If we just want to release some pounds, then we do not have to spend much time; 30 minutes to one hour is enough to burn calories and boost our strength and stamina.

How Can I Lose Weight Faster?

How Can I Lose Weight Faster with Home Exercise?

How Can I Lose Weight Faster

How can I lose weight faster at home? Basically, there are two types of exercise, which are strength training and aerobic. Aerobic burns fat and calories while we are engaged in it. Strength training is able to lose weight because it helps increasing the speed of our metabolic rate that is the amount of calories our body burns while we are at rest. The metabolic rate increases the more muscular our body is since it takes much more energy to maintain our muscles.

1.    Squats

How Can I Lose Weight Faster with squats? Our led muscles and buttocks are the largest among other muscles. We just have to put feet at shoulder width and doing the exercise for 2 to 3 sets every day. This training builds our buttock and leg muscles. To improve our strength, we can add 2 to 5 pound dumbbells while doing squats. 

2.    Pushups

This is a well-known form of strength training. During pushup, our arms support 70% of our body weight. We just need to do it about 2 to 3 sets every day to build strength and increase metabolic rate.

3.    Jumping jacks

How can I lose weight faster with jumping jacks? This training will give a great result if we do it right. To get the best result, we just have to do 20 jumping jacks or as many as we can. But, do not push our body to do more than we could.

4.    Fast walking

Fast walking burns fat effectively than walking. But, before we do it, we have to warm up with regular walking and do some stretching. For the best result, we need to try to keep as much speed as possible. If we get tired, we have to do intervals followed by short period of regular walking.   

5.    Stepping

This exercise is a great choice for us who want to burn some fat. We can use our stairs at home or specialized stackable mats. We just need about 2 0r 3 sets of 20 steps every day. We must know that this training is not just burning fat but also shaping up our legs and buttocks. Have we got the answer for “how can I lose weight faster” question?